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Coi ro do

Hello internets, outernets, and anyone who happens to find their way here!

After a few abortive attempts last year I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. The name is a Lojban word (of course) for wild new ideas, which, in case you plan on shouting it from the rooftops, is pronounced “sheesh kehm neen seeho”. The publication and dissemination of interesting new thoughts and ideas will be one of the primary goals of this blog, but since the internet is already chock full of that sort of thing, I have some other aims as well. First and foremost, I need a place to put all my thoughts, comments, rants, and ramblings that don’t belong or fit on either Facebook, Twitter, or Newser. I find that the way I view the world and the things I think can change dramatically over time, so it’d be really nice to have a record of what the Will of 2010 on thought about various topics. Although that’s sort of a solipsistic goal, I’m making this public in the vain hope of attracting some interesting commentary and discussion. So feel free to post some kind of comment, whether it’s a well-reasoned and thoughtful response or just a rickroll/goatse link in disguise.

I’d also like to establish an online presence for and collection of the set of memes (called a ‘memeplex‘ apparently) that reside in my mind. To that end, some of the topics you will find me blogging about here are: economics, transhumanism, ethics/morality, maybe a bit of politics, computers and emerging technology, Lojban, artificial intelligence, whole brain emulation, science and naturalism, anti-aging and immortality, strange links, lolcats, and other wonders of the WWW, the singularity (if it ever happens), and possibly the occasional “hey I’m on vacation look at mah pictures” post.

So welcome one and all. It’s a bit ugly ’round here right now, but I’ll update the theme soon I hope. Please add me to your google reader queue and stop by occasionally, or just leave me to ramble alone at the vast uncaring wasteland of the internet. Your call.

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