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Links for 2/5/2010

Just when you thought lolcats were the strangest cat thing the internet can think of, japan out weirds you. (HT Pop Transhumanism)

New ARG launching in early march, apparently funded by The World Bank. Its got kind of a cheesy “try and pretend we’re counterculture cyberpunk” vibe, but they’ve got my interest. There’s even a (slightly cringe inducing) website/comic up to promote it (HT Gene Becker)

Michael Anissimov on the dangers posed by synthetic microorganisms. Seriously scary. If you’re one of those people who scoffs at this danger and says “evolution has been dealing with this sort of thing for billions of years, what makes you think scientists can beat it?” you should really give that article a read.

Cloud Culture is coming. I understand the concerns and worries but feel that, on balance, more cultural exchange and creativity will always be a good thing (HT Bruce Sterling)

Sorry locavores, looks like your quest is almost entirely in vain. If it’s saving the planet you’re after, you should either think a lot harder about what you’re doing, or put your time into geoengineering. On the bright side, if J Stors Hall’s weather machine idea works, we might not even have to worry about this whole greenhouse gas thing as long as we can develop molecular nanotech.

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