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Links for 2/17/10

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Yay! more links for you!

Wernor Herzog reads curious George. Ok, I don’t think it’s really him, but the accent is great and the bleakness is beautiful. The sequel, in which he reads Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, is perhaps even better.

Great article on the double standard of fat/skinny in our society. Go read it, it’s not what you think. (HT Pop Transhumanism)

As most economists will tell you, unions do very little to help the little guy in the long run. Unfortunately most people have already made up their minds on the value of unions, and will ignore or rationalize contrary evidence.

Which test will robots pass first, the Turing test or the Shut up and dance test? This video of hexapoidal dancing robots gives me hope for the latter. (HT Charles Stross)

I don’t know exactly how to describe this “slitscan” video transformation. It seems like just wavy lines at first, but watch a little longer and you’ll realize there’s a bizarre, trippy, and beautiful representation of motion here.

Charlie Booker on how to report the news. (HT my dad)

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Links for 1/29/10

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Another day, another bunch of interesting bits of the internet:

I’m adding “no dungeons and dragons” right below getting shived and getting raped on my list of reasons not to go to prison

Weird USB keys are a dime a dozen, but this taxidermied mouse with light up eyes is too good to pass up.

Despite my libertarian ways, I’m usually pretty hesitant to call government actions out as shady attempts to undermine our rights. For this, however, I’ll make an exception.

If this guy is right about microwave guns, I don’t know whether I want to rush out and build one or hide inside and protect my treasured electronic devices.

Geoengineering, which I consider one of the most viable solutions to climate change, is becoming mainstream enough that some scientists and politicians are starting work on a global agreement governing it. As we become more aware of the risks, some scientists are claiming it as a partial solution to the Fermi Paradox.

Axe Cop: the most epic comic ever written by a 5 year old. I wish I was this cool when I was that old.

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Assorted links for 1/26/10

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Continuing in the noble tradition of two of my favorite blogs, Pop Transhumanism and Marginal Revolution, here are some interesting pages I’ve run across in my travels of the web.

Awesome mixed reality drawing concept video (HT

Anthony Atala on growing new organs. There are people alive today with artificially grown organs inside them.

Robin Hanson has some ideas for curing the “shallow voter problem” for an even more interesting solution, see his “futarchy” idea.

Hayek v Keynes, the best econ rap I’ve ever seen. I like the alcohol/easy money analogy (HT Pop Transhumanism)

If I build a reprap this summer, I may print out all my storage containers for next year. Yes, not build, print.

Added 7:30 pm:

Although lots of things about the science in Avatar bother me (we have superliminal communication but no molecular nanotech and we still use basically the same weaponry as in the 1970’s), apparently they got a real scientist with an interesting, if somewhat impractical, idea for interstellar travel as their science consultant